Are your dog’s feet and children’s shoes muddy?

Is the side of your home muddy? Do you have problems growing turf between your home and your neighbor’s?
We’ve been doing this long enough to know that no matter how many times you Sod or Seed the shady area between two houses it will always turn right back into dirt.

The solution is Oklahoma River Rock Gravel. We Call it “The Twin Creeks Special”. Cover that mud with some beautiful river rock gravel contained in a nice new hardscape bed. We can add flagstone steppers from your patio all the way through the gate.

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We’re on a roll here!

We’re currently featured in two Tulsa publications: “South Tulsa Living” and “River Living” aka Wind River.  Melissa at Melissa Click Photography is putting together a nice photo gallery for us  to get the word out.  Not sure how Andy got an ad next two our yard of the month pictorial. Those flowers could have only come from one spot here in the Tulsa area… Big-Name Lawn Care. We’re sorta on a roll here. It’s Flower Time Right now, so let us know before we sell out. Thanks!! -chad

Spring 2015 Catalog

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