Deodar Cedar = Great Alternative to the Blue Atlas Cedar.

At least twice a week during the summer months I’m asked about the Blue Atlas Cedar.  The Blue Atlas is beautiful yet outside of it’s comfort “Zone” in my opinion.  I’d say 50% of the Blue Atlas Cedars that are planted here in Tulsa die the first season in the ground.  So, I’ve been searching for alternatives and I’ve found the Deodar Cedar.

They’re great trees and very much at home here in the heat.

Here are some examples:

Alternative to the Blue Atlas Cedar.
Alternative to the Blue Atlas Cedar.

DeodarCedarTree0067 DeodarCedarTree0068 DeodarCedarTree0069 DeodarCedarTree0070 DeodarCedarTree0071 DeodarCedarTree0072 DeodarCedarTree0073

One thought on “Deodar Cedar = Great Alternative to the Blue Atlas Cedar.

  1. In Tulsa, where people have been having GREAT luck the last several years with Colorado Blue Spruce trees, the Blue Atlas should do fine. From Dallas to Muskogee people have planted these trees successfully the last 20 years and they have done well in these zones. If anything is wrong in Tulsa, it is probably because they are over watered and or planted as “shrubs” next to a house when as estate sized trees they need to be out away from any structure. Many here in Dallas are removed after five to six years because they get too big next to a house. This same problem is abundant throughout the Muskogee Country Club area. Some landscaper sold tons of them there planting them as shrubs and now 10+ years on people are cutting down very beautiful specimens that simply overgrew their space. Such as shame.

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